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    My KetoCon Vendor Experience The 3rd year of KetoCon was the year I was able to attend and I was not disappointed! I had the chance to meet amazing vendors, friends I met online and listened to some great talks about keto as well. Since this was the first year I attended, I wanted to give you the low down of my experience and showcase some of my favorite vendors from the event. What is KetoCon Exactly? As stated on the KetoCon website, to date, this is the 1st and only ketogenic conference directed only to the science and stories of the keto diet and lifestyle. Meeting People at KetoCon…

  • keto orange creamiscle cheesecake

    Keto Creamsicle Cheesecake

    Keto Creamsicle Cheesecake After a bowl of Blue Moon ice cream (this links to my keto blue moon ice cream), having an orange creamsicle was one of my guilty pleasures as a kid in the summer, heck even as an adult. This keto creamsicle cheesecake hit my tastebuds and brought me back to summer as a kid. The best thing is that it won’t melt all over the place. What is an Orange Creamsicle and What Does it Taste Like? A creamsicle is vanilla ice cream with an orange popsicle coating around the ice cream on a stick. The taste was simply magical goodness. When you bit into it, it…

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  • keto camping meals and tips
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    Keto Camping Meals and Tips

    Keto Camping Meals and Tips You are keto and you want some keto camping meals. No problem! I have you covered. I even have a way for you to get your camping smores in. Along with providing keto camping meal ideas, I will also give you camping and keto tips. These tips will include how to prepare for camping, food tips, getting enough fat in, and getting your electrolytes. If you are still craving more keto camping meal ideas, I’ve got some keto camping meal plans linked at the bottom of this page.  Your Meats Camping keto can be super easy by just eating meat if you want, yet I…

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  • keto nachos cheese
    Deeper State Keto Recipes (stricter ingredients & easier to track),  Meals

    How to Make Keto Nachos

    Keto Nachos These keto nachos are super easy to make and you do not even have to make any chips for them. This meal has been a staple in my house and it is great since it is extremely easy to prep for the week.  What Chips do you use for a Keto Nacho Recipe? You can go and find a keto cracker recipe or a keto chip recipe. Those are out there. In fact, I have a feta chip recipe.  My friend over at The Keto Option has a great Keto Crispy Chips. However, a pre-made chip that you can just buy would be so much easier. For this…

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  • Keto Mother's Day Dinner
    Round Ups

    Keto Mother’s Day Dinner Recipes

    Keto Mother’s Day Dinner Recipes This post is all about Keto Mother’s Day dinner recipe ideas from appetizers to the main meal and of course desserts. Speaking of desserts. My mother would always say to eat dessert first. Who else eats their dessert first?    With all the brunch ideas for Mother’s Day, dinner can often be forgotten on this day. Therefore, this post will be full of dinner recipes for you to choose from.   Keto Mother’s Day Appetizers You have to start the night off with some light affair right?  Egg and Prosciutto Open-Faced Sandwich by Damn Good Keto Pork Cracklins by Ketooh Portabello Mushroom Mini Keto Pizza…

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  • homemade basil mayonnaise
    Deeper State Keto Recipes (stricter ingredients & easier to track),  Snack/Sides/Sauces

    Easy Homemade Mayonnaise

    Easy Homemade Mayonnaise Have you ever wanted to learn how to make homemade mayonnaise but was worried that it was just too hard? I know that I definitely have. People say it’s easy, but is it really? Yes! Yes, it is. 🙂 You do not even need that fancy handheld blender thing. 😉 Let’s get started. How to Make Mayonnaise Measure out your ingredients Egg Yolk Vinager Oil Salt Start with a room temperature egg yolk in a mixing bowl. Then add in the vinegar. Whisk these two ingredients. Then slowly (very slowly) add a few drops of the oil in your bowl while still whisking. Once the mixture starts…

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  • Buttered Tiramisu Fat Bomb on a plate
    Deeper State Keto Recipes (stricter ingredients & easier to track),  Fat Bombs

    Buttered Tiramisu Fat Bomb

    Buttered Tiramisu Calling all tiramisu and browned buttered lovers! This recipe combines the two to create an easy buttered tiramisu fat bomb recipe. Imagine the taste of tiramisu but with a buttery flavor enhancer. One aspect that makes this easy is that it only uses two ingredients. Butter and a special mascarpone cheese from BelGioioso Cheese. Browned Butter Browned butter is truly a magical ingredient in my option that is. 😉 Difficulty Level This buttered tiramisu fat bomb recipe only has 2 ingredients and is pretty darn easy to make. However, there is one step that could be more difficult for some. This step would be where you brown the butter on…

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  • Meal Plans

    Deeper State Keto Meal Plans with Desserts

    Ideas for Deeper State Keto Meal Plans with Desserts I know that I have created Deeper State Keto meal plans before, however, I thought I would create more for you all. I posted a poll on my Instagram account and they wanted more of these meal plans. To spice things up, I thought I would have a dessert for every day on these meal plan ideas.  Eating less than 10 total carbs a day has become second nature to me, even if I am not following the Deeper State Keto protocol. I love what I can eat. Eating this way makes life easier for me to not really having to…

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  • Keto Mint Cheesecake with zero carb crust
    Deeper State Keto Recipes (stricter ingredients & easier to track),  Dessert

    Keto Mint Cheesecake

    Mint Cheesecake I love mint and cheesecake so I combined the two for St. Patricks Day! So, now there is the Mint Cheesecake for you all. 🙂 In fact, this is a combination of chocolate, mint and vanilla cheesecake all wrapped into one. 🙂 You will make three easy flavors with a near zero carb crust. It can be a zero carb crust if you are okay with it not being chocolate. Sweetness This cheesecake is not overwhelmingly sweet, but feel free to add more sweetener to yours. The sweetener that I use is my liquid monk fruit drops that I have started to use over erythritol since April of…

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  • Behold one of the easiest keto ice creams. I recently learned about snow ice cream.  You may all think I'm crazy but I tried it and really enjoyed it. 
    Deeper State Keto Recipes (stricter ingredients & easier to track),  Dessert

    Keto Snow Ice Cream

    Snow Ice Cream Behold one of the easiest keto ice creams that you could ever make. Just a few weeks ago, I learned that snow ice cream is a thing so I thought I would give it a shot and make it keto. By having this post, you can all see that I was able to create said ice cream. 🙂  You may all think I’m crazy but I tried it and really enjoyed it.  Hunger Hack  One of the first things that came to mind while eating this keto ice cream, is that it would make for a great hunger hack. Say you only have 10 -20  grams of fat…

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